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(Prospect Course #784)

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(Prospect Course #784) This course is sponsored by USACE and NAVFAC.


We can come to you!
You can request a private class at your location. A private class may present economic advantages depending upon the number of students. We tailor examples to your business while adhering to USACE/NAVFAC-approved course content.


This course is NAVFAC (Navy) AND USACE (Army) authorized.

Construction Quality Management (CQM) for Contractors

Prospect Course #784 is a certification course sponsored by USACE and NAVFAC.

This certification is usually a contractual requirement and an integral component of quality management for Federal government construction projects.

This course is provided both by in-house government facilitators and selected civilians authorized by USACE and NAVFAC. Facilitators provided by Building Constructive Solutions are authorized by Norfolk District of USACE and NAVFAC MIDLANT to deliver the certification course and issue certificates for candidates who meet criteria.

On this site, we will provide scheduling and contact details for classes already scheduled with sponsoring agencies:

Students have reported difficulty finding the next available class location that meets their schedule requirements.

The sponsors listed above have web pages and training calendars but usually only advertise class schedules to their members who are usually only local businesses.  The list is provided to assist people who may not be members or need to find the next available class.

If sponsored classes do not meet your needs, you can contact BCS at the link below to request a private class at your location.  The number of students should be a maximum of about thirty.

BCS can bring the class to you and tailor the discussion and exercises to address a specific industry or project.  A private class at your home office or project site can maximize your team’s productivity and save travel expenses by bringing the teacher to the students.

Upon receiving your request, BCS will provide a proposal for the private class for your review and approval.  We will come to you anywhere in the world that we can travel to commercially.  A recent example is in the last two years we have conducted three CQM classes in Djibouti, Djibouti.

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Certification classes are coming back, after the pandemic lockdown. However, schedules are still subject to change, based on demand.

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