Best Way to Develop Electronic O&M Manuals (eOMSI)

Electronic Operations and Maintenance (O&M) manuals offer a means of expanding the information that is easily available to the O&M staff and the speed at which the information is accessed. Dynamic eO&M is easier and less expensive to construct. They are also easier to provide rapid access to essential information than static manuals. But how exactly do you develop electronic O&M manuals? 

Use a combination of pictures and text

The first thing that ought to be done is to understand the type of information you want to provide to the O&M team. This information can take many forms including images, graphics, data, and text. Textual information is the most common form. You can use text for:

  • Process descriptions
  • Operating procedures
  • Design criteria
  • Equipment specifications
  • Process theory and background
  • Standing orders/operating parameters
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Safety plans/information 

Graphics and images are used in engineering drawings and art illustrations. To make an effective electronic O&M manual you should incorporate graphics and images. They can be used for:

  • Design drawings
  • Video clips
  • Record drawings 
  • Construction submittals (conduit layout, wiring diagrams, rebar drawings and so on)
  • Schematics and isometrics

Effective data presentation

Effective data presentation is the ability to present data that a user specifically needs. That is why when developing your electronic O&M manuals you have to build a database. This requires having lists that are stored in a database. O&M teams will be able to select the category they are interested in and get the specific information they need. 

Proper implementation

Creating an amazing O&M manual is not enough if you don’t select the right method of implementation. Several approaches can be used. Generating static HTML pages directly from a database is one of the best implementation methods. Individual pages and lists can also be generated using a web server. Pages and lists can also be generated in a browser using a combination of Java and JavaScript. 

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