Best Ways to Manage Building Commissioning

Improper management of building commissioning can lead to higher operational costs, maintenance costs, and more energy consumption.

As a building owner

Buildings that are not commissioned properly also tend to lack correct benchmarking, which makes it harder for energy regulation to take place in the building. Therefore, the process of building commissioning should start at the conception stage of the project – before the design of the project begins. This way, the design of the project will match the project requirements of the owner that will make tracking of quality easier. Starting the process early also ensures the potential risks are identified and well managed. Commission providers will also have enough time to study the project documents and create building criteria that match the exact needs of the project.

Commissioning the building after completing construction also allows you to determine whether the owner’s project requirements were met. With this, you can compare the real-time designs in the building against the design requirements before you start using the building.

 As a commissioning provider (CxP), the following can improve building commissioning.

Effective communication

For commissioning providers, communicating effectively with the commissioning team will enhance demonstration and testing to identify potential problems. Effective communication also helps in finding solutions for potential issues. By presenting tracking logs clearly and concisely, CxP creates room for productive brainstorming that leads to better results. Better communication also involves giving clients progress reports regularly.

Tracking logs

Tracking the budget and time are essential in commissioning buildings. As such, the commissioning provider should depend on tracking logs to monitor the progress and even perform testing at different stages of the project. Tracking logs also clarify objectives and timelines by showing how much the project is behind or ahead of schedule, and aligning that with the budget. Therefore, they help the CxP to unearth potential delays and remain efficient.

Commissioning plan

Commissioning plans are essential in all building commissioning projects because it lays the foundation for better communication among the team members. The commissioning plan should be tactical and detailed. It should contain the commissioning team and process, the responsibilities of every team member, and properties to be commissioned.

Building Constructive Solutions can give you the resources to manage the commissioning of buildings efficiently.

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