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Construction Quality Management for Contractors is a certification course sponsored by USACE and NAVFAC. This certification is usually a contract requirement and is an integral component of quality management on Federal government construction projects.

USACE in coordination with NAVFAC developed the course and it was given the formal title of Construction Quality Management (CQM) for Contractors. While there is no prerequisite for the class, students should have a general knowledge of construction processes and Federal construction contracts.

Class is conducted in one day using the USACE Student Study Guide (provided by the sponsor or facilitator) with a pre and post-test. Upon passing the post test, each student will be  provided with an official certificate which is valid for five years.

Feel free to request a class for Saturday or Sunday! We can enable your company to keep construction schedules on track.

Private classes are subject to the review and approval of our sponsors at NAVFAC MIDLANT. Preference is for NAVFAC MIDLANT’s AOR and for companies currently doing business with NAVFAC.

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