Five Reasons to Integrate Quality Control and Safety into Project Controls

Without project control, it would be impossible to maintain project timelines and costs. They ensure the project scope is planned, controlled, and monitored effectively to ensure that the project is completed at the agreed-upon time without the budget exceeding. However, achieving the perfect balance between time, quality, and cost of the project is sometimes very challenging, especially in large projects. Quality control and safety ensure that the project controls are maintained, and the building meets high -quality standards after completion. Quality and safety ensure that the building doesn’t get defects or other detrimental effects.

Cost reduction

Construction problems that result in failures or defections can be too costly even if they are small. Such failures can make it harder for the project to continue according to schedule and can sometimes cause the building to malfunction. With quality control, construction costs will be lower because rework will not be necessary, and there will be reduced waste.

Complying with building specifications

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain the project specifications, especially as the work progresses. Even with the best planning and design, the project can derail and fail to meet the specifications. Quality control and safety ensure that all the people involved in the project conform to the specifications and quality standards.

Improved safety at the construction site

Construction projects can become very dangerous without the implementation of the correct safety measures. The controls don’t just ensure that safety practices are in place during the design stage, they also prevent physical injuries.

Reduced risks

There are risks involved with every project, and they can become too extensive if not managed well. Workers can access updated project models and tools that help mitigate such risks, thereby increasing accuracy at the job site.

Better time management

Failure to meet the right project standards can lead to the work being redone and materials being wasted. Doing inspections in line with the digital checklists as the work progresses leads to better time management. It also makes it easier for each worker to compare their work with the required standards.

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