How do I get CQM Certified?

Every construction project requires high-quality output at every stage. Every contractor should be able to balance time, quality, and cost to produce a successful construction project. The US Army Corps of Engineers commonly abbreviated as USACE developed the CQM-C course alongside NAVFAC (Naval Facilities Engineering Command), AGC (Associated General Contractors), and ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors). The CQM-C certification is a requirement and an important component of quality management in Federal Government Construction Programs. Contractors seeking the CQM-C certification have to undertake a course offered by several civilians approved by NAVFAC and USACE. In-house government facilitators also provide the course. 

Quality is the conformance to the set requirements. CQM-C aims to enhance the quality performance of tasks by ensuring that construction projects are:

  • Performed according to plans and specifications 
  • Completed on time 
  • Within the set-out budget 
  • Within a safe work environment 

CQM-C enables both the contractor and the government personnel to prevent deficiencies and mishaps from occurring by being proactive. CQM seeks to shift from the conventional reactive mode of relying on inspection to achieve the desired quality. 

Getting the CQM Certification

To get the CQM certification, you have to complete the CQM-C course successfully.  The CQM certification course explains the QC/QA systems that NAVFAC and Corps of Engineers use. The course also outlines the concepts that state agencies, local public sector owners, and public authorities are increasingly adopting. 

The course employs different teaching methods including class instructions, DVD, workbook exercises, and case study exercises. Participants have to undertake all the sessions and meet the set pass mark to get a certification. If you complete the course successfully, you get a certificate viable for five years.  

Course Eligibility 

The CQM-C course is useful for inspectors, construction managers, owners, facility managers, A/Es, and facility engineers especially those involved in public sector construction.  Both the NAVFAC and the USACE construction contract specifications require QC managers to have completed the CQM-C course successfully. 

When enrolling for the CQM-C course, you should ensure that the course provider adheres to the NAVFAC/USACE -approved content.  You may choose to enroll in a private CQM class at your location. The cost of the course may vary depending on several factors including the number of students enrolled for the course. Building Constructive Solutions makes it easy to attend a CQM-C course near you or better still, bring the course to you.  

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