Certified CQM Certification Courses in South Carolina

Taxpayers are always complaining about government waste. But most don’t know how intensive training is for government contractors to avoid waste. Construction Quality Management Certification Courses for contractors were designed to increase efficiency, quality standards, and minimize waste in government construction projects.

It can also be a boon to contractors in the private sector to have such a disciplined certification. If you own a construction company and want better efficiency and the highest standards of quality in your industry, this Army Corps of Engineers Prospect #784 Course will keep those standards high.

Building Constructive Solutions offers a sponsored class authorized by USACE and NAVFAC for career government contractors as well as private and public sector managers.

The Highest Standards of Excellence in Contractor Training

Building Constructive Solutions is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business licensed and incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our instructors have decades of hands-on experience as both government and private sector contractors. Their expertise will give you in-depth knowledge to attain your goal of General Contractor’s training & Certification Quality Control Management.

As a private-sector construction manager with staff needing more intensive skills, we also offer the option of CQM private classes at your worksite. It is of course most beneficial for as many of your team to participate as possible to create a cohesive, well-trained group moving forward. Our training will give you and your team the tools to build on for the future.

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For more information about our licensed USACE Courses & Certification or NAVFAC Training & Certification please contact us. Our highly-trained experts are waiting to assist you. We are dedicated to helping you develop the skills required for excellence in both government and private sector contracting. We look forward to working with you soon.