Top Five Hacks to Manage Quality Control Documentation

Quality management ensures a product or service remains consistent with quality. This is based on perspective and retrospective reviews. However, quality management is not limited just to products and services but also the means to achieve and maintain quality standards. Therefore, quality management can best be defined as an act of performing all the tasks and activities required to maintain a desired level of excellence. This includes managing quality control documentation. Proper record-keeping is the key to effective quality control. Here are a few tips to help manage quality control documentation better. 

Records are completed on-site

The mistake most employees make is that of choosing to complete quality control documentation immediately after completing an activity or when an action is taken. This leads to errors, write-overs, lack of specification, and so on. Completing the records on-site ensures no mistakes are made later on.

Add pictures 

A picture is worth a thousand words. When a project is completed, it is always good to take photos to document the end results. In case of a problem, later on, the photos can be used to clarify things. 

Concise, legible, accurate, and traceable

Having a well-documented quality control report will be a waste of time if the document is not clear, legible, or traceable. The document has to be accurate too to avoid misunderstanding later.  

Retain documents for at least a year

References will always be needed. That is why you should keep quality control documents at least one year after the expiry date of the completed product or service. The last thing you want is for a client to file a claim and you don’t have the documents needed to back you up. 

Never assume knowledge

Assuming everyone will understand your shorthand or the terminology you use will only lead to misunderstanding. The quality control documents have to be as clear as possible. 

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