CQM Certification for Contractors in Virginia Beach

The Construction Quality Management for Contractors (CQM-C) certification is essential for contractors that put high quality and safety above all else while on a contracting job. Since contracting work spans so many industries and environments, it’s imperative that contractors introduce and maintain the right quality management principles from the very beginning, no matter the contract. Any contractor working with the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) must have this certification. This class and certification teach you critical quality management essentials and is often required for Federal government contracts beyond ACE, including the Veterans Administration (VA), General Services Administration (GSA), US Air Force, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the National Park Service (NPS). 

About the exam

The Corps of Engineers Prospect Course #784, CQM-C, is available for training and testing in Virginia Beach through our certified exam facilitators, Stuart Perritt and Kenneth Newton, and is valid for five years. You can either choose a CQM private class or a sponsored class authorized by USACE and NAVFAC (US Navy). The course will familiarize you with the essential principles and best practices for quality control and the surrounding concepts.

The CQM-C course in Virginia Beach is done in the span of one day using the USACE study guide—provided to you by the sponsor or facilitator—and a pre- and post-test. There are no prerequisites to take the CQM-C course. Student are, however, expected to have a general understanding of construction processes and Federal construction contracts.

About Building Constructive Solutions

Building Constructive Solutions (BCS) is a licensed Class A contractor that serves several Virginia communities. Our commitment to maintaining an extremely high bar for contractors in and around Virginia. BCS is a small business owned and operated by a service-disabled veteran.

If you’re interested in becoming CQM-C certified in Virginia Beach, contact BCS today.