What is the USACE Certification?

USACE (United States Army Corps of Engineers), has three main mission areas: military construction, an engineer regiment, and civil works. USACE serves both the Nation and the Armed Forces by availing important engineering services and capabilities. The main training programs and certifications offered under USACE are:

  • Construction quality management certificate 
  • Emergency response certification 
  • Hazardous Waste Operations 

The quality control certification class covers topics like the three-phase inspection process, quality control plans, preparation for inspections, and government and contractor responsibilities. Other topics are schedule management and submittal procedures. After completing the class successfully, candidates get certifications valid for five years on all word-wide Corps projects. USACE certification is a requirement in Corps projects. The Corps of Engineers often have robust construction programs across different cities in the United States. 

Construction Quality Management for Contractors

NAVFAC and USACE sponsor the construction quality management for contractors’ course. This certification is often a requirement in many contracts and a key component in the quality management of federal government projects. What are the prerequisites for enrollment in the CQM-C class? There is no prerequisite for enrollment for the CQM-C class. However, participants should have knowledge of federal construction contracts and construction processes.  

Trainers conduct the class using the USACE study guide often provided by the facilitator or the sponsor. The course may involve either a pre or a post-test. After passing the post-test, you will receive a certification valid for five years.  

Topics Covered in Construction Quality Management

The main topics covered under USACE CQM training are:

  • Definition of construction quality management 
  • Government and contractor responsibilities 
  • Contractor quality control
  • Contractor reviews 
  • Quality management planning
  • Three-phase control system
  • Testing
  • Documentation 
  • Making the system work
  • Completion of work 
  • Review and acceptance
  • Quality management during construction 

The purpose of the course and certification is to ensure that quality management personnel are familiar with the necessary policies and procedures. The course outlines the requirements of government and contractor personnel assigned to a project and the reasons for the requirements. 

It is a contract requirement for persons who function as superintendent or quality control managers to complete this course. If you are interested in acquiring a USACE certification, you can enroll in a private or sponsored class. Building Constructive Solutions provides USACE courses and certifications. 

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